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Towns Health Services is accredited by Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations. We provide comprehensive addiction treatment using the evidence based Hazelden Betty Ford curriculum which helps individuals obtain or maintain a drug/alcohol free life. Our curriculum uses exciting formats that cover both evidence based and spiritual based approaches to recovery.

 We work to ensure that our program has the newest and most appropriate treatment information available for your needs. We have a Board Certified Addiction Specialist that ensures that our clients receive the best care. We are also a referral center for all of your recovery needs. We will get you the help that you need. 

Please call 209-744-9909 today for information on our program! Our lines are open 24 hours per day.

At Towns Health Services, Mark Towns, MD, provides proven treatment services to adults of all ages who are living with alcohol and drug addictions. The primary clinic is in Galt, California, and the inpatient rehab center, Palm Tree Ranch, is located in Herald, California.

The practice’s integrative approach to recovery focuses on the behaviors associated with alcohol and drug use including attitudes, lifestyle, relapse prevention, and healthy coping skills. Each client’s goals, the frequency of their therapies, and the length of their treatment programs are tailored to their personal needs and their response to treatment.

Towns Health Services offers drug testing, drug and alcohol treatment services, educational services, and prevention services through an array of individual, group, and family sessions. Dr. Towns recognizes the importance of family members and loved ones being involved in clients’ recovery processes unless otherwise contraindicated.

The various programs include inpatient treatment, outpatient recovery, intensive outpatient treatment, after-care treatment, alumni support, and medication-assisted treatment.

Dr. Towns recognizes that life is often busy and unexpected, so the practice works with clients to schedule sessions that accommodate work hours, school needs, and parental duties. Additionally, telemedicine services are offered to assist clients who are unable to attend in-person appointments.

To begin the journey towards a healthier life that’s free from addiction, call Towns Health Services or use the convenient online booking tool today.

We strive to fulfill all your recovery needs.

We provide comprehensive addiction treatment using the evidence based Hazelden Betty Ford curriculum which helps individuals obtain or maintain a drug/alcohol free life.

These are some of the services we offer:

We continually upgrade our curriculum evidence-based approaches that include the Matrix Model, the Seeking Safety curriculum, and the neuroscience of addiction. We are a spiritual based program that believes in the 12-step approach to recovery as well. We believe that addiction is a family illness and that addressing the needs of family members of persons with addiction, aids their recovery.

We are also proud to be licensed and certified by the State of California Department of Healthcare Services by the Joint Commission.   We have a board certified Addiction Specialist, Dr. Mark Towns. Our staff, at this time, includes a licensed physician, 1 administrators, and 3 counselors.

We honor diversity by welcoming minorities, and members of the LGBT community to our center. We know that alcoholism and addiction can affect anyone; so we are pleased to serve all those whom are seeking treatment.

 We have instituted new policies and procedures ]for COVID 19. See COVID screening. In addition our facilities are regularly cleaned and deep cleaned. We are capable or treating up to treat at least 16 persons remotely in 2, 3-hour group sessions per day. 

Our philosophy toward clients is of one of unconditional positive regard by doing our best to meet and accept the individual where he or she is at the moment. We then attempt to move the client through the Stages of Change for success as needed. 

Every client at THS is treated with dignity and respect. We understand how much shame is attached to the disease of addiction, and how low self-esteem can sometimes plunge. Learning new information and skills to manage addiction is possible only in an atmosphere of safety; we work hard to create and maintain that for all clients during treatment. Our goal is to continue to coordinate care to help clients continue care without any disruptions or gaps in treatment across all ASAM designated levels of care

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

  • Full Assesment
  • Group Therapy
  • Individual Therapy
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Therapeutic Activities
  • Alumni Support

Addicition Resource Services

  • Comprehensive Urine Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • Comprehensive ASAM Evaluation With Report

Additional Services at Same Location

  • Comprehensive Employee Drug & Alcohol Testing
  • On Site Referrals for MAT
  • Financial Assistance

Our Mission

Our mission is continue to manage a highly successful spiritual based, outpatient substance abuse recovery program for the community with a goal to provide incentive and assistance for people with substance abuse disorders in their efforts toward building new lives filled with self-respect, personal dignity and freedom from the compulsive use of drugs. Our goal is to provide outpatient care using evidence-based-practices that will lead to measurable objectives and higher abstinence success rates.

The Team

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