Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Drug and Alcohol Admissions

The admissions process is the first step in entering our programs. Our expert drug and alcohol admissions staff is ready to assist you in any way necessary and to provide you with information about insurance options and everything else you will need to know regarding your recovery. You can start by visiting Contact US page either by calling us at (209) 744-9909 or filling out a form on the page.

What Happens During the Admissions Process?

  • All clients must be interviewed to determine acceptance into the program. Appointments must be made for all screenings, which can take place in person or over the phone.
  • No serious medical, psychological or emotional conditions that could interfere with participation in the treatment program.
  • The primary requirement for admission is that the individual demonstrates a sincere desire to stop drinking and/ or using drugs and medical necessity is present.

What is an Assessment for Drug Addiction Treatment?

During the assessment you will be required to give a complete and thorough history of your substance abuse and related background. It is important for all participants of our addiction treatment program to be as open and honest as possible during the alcohol and drug admissions process.

What can I expect out of completing the program which I qualify?

Once our addiction specialists have a basic picture of you as an individual, they will help design addiction treatment program to meet your specific needs. Our Certified Counselors are here to serve you, and with your help and input, we can give you the best care and offer you the best chance at recovery. We meet with individuals and families during your treatment to ensure everyone’s needs are being taken care of and to help participants know what to expect from their recovery.

Why Choose Towns Health Services?

We are proud that Towns Health Services Outpatient Program has received accreditation by The Joint Commission.  Accreditation shows a commitment to  to providing quality care and patient safety.

As the field of chemical dependency is developing, Towns Health Services has remained current on best methodologies. We don’t believe in a Walmart approach to treatment. We continually upgrade our curriculum with evidence-based approaches that include the Matrix Model, the Seeking Safety curriculum, and the neuroscience of addiction. We are a spiritual based program that believes in the 12-step approach to recovery as well. We believe that addiction is a family illness and that addressing the needs of family members of persons with addiction, aids their recovery.  Many people with addictions have been affected by the family disease of addiction and they will need treatment for this exposure as well in order to decrease the propensity for relapse.

Our Staff is thoroughly educated in the field of addiction. Our counselors understand the importance of Relapse Prevention, (which is a significant tool in maintenance), and the advantages of living in a safe environment (note: referrals will be made as needed to SLEs or other) to decrease the exposure to the process of salience (the physiological compulsive response to triggers). They are aware and understand cultural differences which facilitates appropriate individualized treatment planning as well. We are confident that the individualized programs selected, which includes recommended curriculum from SAMSHA, will be specifically tailored to fit each individual client’s success.

Our goal is 100% abstinence from substance abuse through providing the best recovery information to these clients. Group sessions will be facilitated to build a strong understanding and approach to the chemical dependency and the recovery process. Counseling groups will enhance motivation that stems from this combined curriculum in our unique environment that will motivate clients toward continued recovery and the will to live and enjoy life without the use of drugs and/or alcohol.

Paying for Care FAQ

I’m low income. Are there any options available to me?

Currently at Towns Health Services we do provide treatment services to all those who are receiving Medi-Cal in Sacramento County and have Drug Medical benefits in our outpatient program. You must be a resident currently residing in Sacramento County.

Will my insurance cover my treatment?

Our expert admission staff can help you. Each insurance provider require their own terms of medical necessity that is required in order to admit you into our program for services. We will need to make sure you meet all qualifications and see if you have any out of pocket costs. All insurance plans and their benefits vary. It’s important to know that this type of treatment falls under behavioral health benefits and in some cases it can be managed by a different provider than your medical benefits. Please give us a call at (209)  744-9909 for help.

I don’t have insurance and I really would like to get help. Will you accept me as a cash paying customer?

Yes, Towns Health Services can accept all forms of payment. Cash, Check and all major credit cards are acceptable methods of payments. You will be required to sign a financial agreement prior to receiving services.

Right now I don’t have all the money to pay for my treatment upfront, are you able to do a payment plan/arrangement?

Payment plans/arrangement are available. We will do our very best to work with you if possible. Please give us a call at (209) 744-9909 for more information.

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