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I, Mark F. Towns M.D, FASM, am a physician who is licensed in the state of California (A100676). I am a graduate of the University of California of Berkeley in Chemistry and Cell Biology, class of 1999. I also graduated from the University of Michigan Medical School, class of 2003. I completed my internship at Sinai Grace Hospital at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, and my internal medicine residency at Cambridge Health Alliance, a Harvard teaching program, as a Harvard Clinical Fellow in Boston, MA. I have been actively practicing Addiction Medicine for nearly 10 years and Internal Medicine for 17 years. I am board certified in both specialties. For over 10 years, I have devoted more than 50% of my working time to my practice of Addiction medicine and Internal Medicine. I have been the CEO and Program Director for Towns Health Services Inc. (THS), for over 13 years as well.

In my role as administrator for THS, I have developed a unique addiction program that both spiritual based and evidence based. I am a believer in Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT) for harm reduction and patient benefit. I manage patients with MAT.

I am also a highly skilled hospitalist with extensive critical care skills and 17 years of in hospital experience. I am also a primary care physician with extensive outpatient experience in my private medical practice and other clinics, who does complete internal medicine and limited pain management with health maintenance.

My passion however is addiction treatment. In my role as the chief administrator for Towns Health Services Inc., I have written policies and procedures for both inpatient, Towns Health Services, and outpatient, Palm Tree Ranch I am in charge of the THS Credentialing, Quality Review, and Utilization committees. I have obtained Joint Commission Accreditation for Health Organizations status for Towns Health Services. I am also the Medical Review Officer for drug testing at all of the THS facilities and Hayes Chiropractic Services. I have donated extensive personal funds and time to the development of the addiction programs that are owned by Town Health Services Inc so that we may better serve our community. I am very excited about what I do.

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