Outpatient Treatment

Substance use services that are rendered in our, clinic environment focus on behaviors associated with alcohol and/or drug use including lifestyle, attitudes, relapse prevention, and coping skills.  Active family and or significant other involvement is important unless contraindicated. The goals, frequency, and length of treatment will vary according to the needs of the individual and the response to treatment.

We offer alcohol and drug treatment services, drug testing, education and prevention services through individual, group and family sessions. Towns Health Services provides outpatient treatment for adult men and women (18 years and over) who suffer from alcohol and drug abuse. Groups are scheduled to accommodate our clients work hours, school commitments, and parenting needs.

Our Outpatient program providers use cognitive behavioral therapy, seeking safety, motivational interviewing and MATRIX methods. Weekly individual and group sessions provide guided integration of evidence-based education and counseling to treat neurological, spiritual, physiological, and behavioral problems into the daily life and work activities of the program participants. Services include individual counseling, group therapy, and family groups. Outpatient is a brief duration and may be provided as a step down from a higher intensity of care such as residential, intensive outpatient, day treatment or as initial treatment.

Some individuals, however, may require ongoing, intermittent contact with a licensed professional (e.g. once or twice per month) to maintain the individual’s optimal level of functioning, sobriety and to prevent the need for a more intensive level of care.

We are proud that Towns Health Services Outpatient Program has received accreditation by The Joint Commission. We are committed to providing quality and safe care to our clients. If your are a resident of Sacramento County we do accept Medi-Cal insurance for our outpatient program.