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Addiction Treatment Centers & Medical Practitioner located in Galt, CA & Herald, CA

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We provide comprehensive addiction treatment using the evidence based Hazelden Betty Ford curriculum which helps individuals obtain or maintain a drug/alcohol free life. Towns Health Services offers drug testing, drug and alcohol treatment services, educational services, and prevention services through an array of individual, group, and family sessions. Dr. Towns recognizes the importance of family members and loved ones being involved in clients’ recovery processes unless otherwise contraindicated.

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Mark F. Towns, MD Addiction Specialist & Internist located in Galt, CA & Herald, CA

I have been actively practicing Addiction Medicine for nearly 10 years and Internal Medicine for 17 years. I am board certified in both specialties. For over 10 years, I have devoted more than 50% of my working time to my practice of Addiction medicine and Internal Medicine. I have been the CEO and Program Director for Towns Health Services Inc. (THS), for over 13 years as well.



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Towns Health Services, Galt, CA

750 Spaans Dr Suites C,D, and F,

Galt, CA 95632
Phone (appointments): 209-203-0749
Phone (general inquiries): 209-744-9909

Towns Health Services, Herald, CA

12370 Clay Station Rd.,

Herald,CA 95638
Phone (appointments): 209-208-5043 
Phone (general inquiries): 209-744-9909

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750 Spaans Dr Suites C,D, and F,

Galt, CA 95632

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